OMG: Rainbow bagels are happening in Calgary

OMG: Rainbow bagels are happening in Calgary

You eyes do not deceive you: Rainbow bagels are a thing, and one Calgary bagel shop is making them.

The rainbow bagel’s trajectory to global fame started in the bastion of cool that is Brooklyn, New York at the hands of Scot Rossillo, founder and chief “bagel artist” of The Bagel Store. The rainbow bagel is a true labour of love, thanks to its multi-layers of coloured dough, twisted together to create a final, dazzling result.

Calgary’s Bagelino’s has been taking a ride on the rainbow bandwagon. They announced Monday they will have a limited supply available for pre-order for pick-up on Saturday, February 27. The veteran YYC bagel shop previously did a run of rainbow bagels earlier this month.

Bagelino’s explains why these bagels are a bit more precious than your everyday Everything or Cinnamon Raisin bagel: “100 rainbow bagels take the same amount of time (five hours) as 1000 normal bagels. The process includes dyeing, layering and twisting the dough.”

This is why Bagelino’s only makes them from time to time, and in small quantities. (They’re only taking 40 orders for February 27.) The rainbow bagels are $3.50 each, or $21 for a half-dozen, and $42.00 a dozen. They’ll have “Funfetti” cream cheese (because, why not?) available for $7.50 per 8oz tub, which does the schmear for four to six bagels.